Food and Beverage Management Association (FBMA)

For more than 30 years, the Food and Beverage Management Association has been the platform for professionals in the hotel and catering industry and their suppliers. The FBMA, the most active association in the Swiss hotel and gastronomy scene, is the meeting place to promote and challenge professional exchange. The young gastronomy freak at the beginning of his career, the hotelier with world experience in the further planning of his career or the imaginative event professional meet with us to talk about the past, present and future - true to the motto "Networking of the generations". For 30 years, the FBMA has been inviting visitors to a variety of "Get togethers", unique journeys to impressive places, magnificent events, and a variety of cultural events.

The FBMA network will continue to develop. There are many topics such as changes and new trends in the industry. We will continue to discuss, philosophise or debate about this in the future according to typical "FBMA manners" - sometimes more reasonable, sometimes less sensible - but always in connection with an invitation and a good meal.

A network of ideas:

The Food and Beverage Management Association (FBMA) is an interest group that is concerned with the management of the leading hotels and restaurants and the catering supply industry. The FBMA was founded in 1981 and now has over 300 members. The focus is on the further training of executives in the Food and Beverage sector as well as the exchange of experience and networking in an exciting and relaxed environment. The association is intended to offer its members many new inputs and inspiration for their professional life. In interesting conversations with industry experts, new ideas and, above all, friendships are constantly being developed. We cultivate them on the monthly "Get togethers", the annual international trip and on many other occasions. The FBMA is also involved in social projects, e. g. for the SOS Children's Villages Foundation.

Knowledge means success:

Our big trip abroad once a year is surely a highlight in the club life. The membership in the FBMA also offers many opportunities to broaden your professional horizons. Lectures and seminars with distinguished experts are part of the programme, as well as mutual exchange. We can guarantee one thing to our members: At every meeting, an entertaining social program with exciting people is held at an extraordinary location.

No one had to go home with an empty stomach until now.

Stronger with strong partners:

Looking beyond the horizon "is very important to us. We attach great importance to cooperation with other professional organisations, tourism and transport associations as well as trade organisations close to the industry, such as the trade fair advisory board of IGEHO. We are a partner of Best of Swiss Gastro - the only public award for gastronomy in Switzerland, in which a top-class jury of experts annually awards the best new restaurants and catering establishments. As you can see, in addition to the events for our members, FBMA is also active in the industry. This is why we also meet at the important trade fair venues of Swiss gastronomy and the hotel industry.

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